foster care happenings

Moose might be spending the night with me on New Year’s Eve. I told his parents I’d love to watch him, and they asked me if I was free that night. I’m so excited to see him. You’d think the last thing I’d want to do right now is be around someone else’s baby, but Moose is not someone else’s baby in that sense. He was my first baby, and he will always be my foster son. I brought him home from the hospital for the first time, and I will always think of him as my sweet boy. So far, it’s been the only thing I’ve looked forward to since my daughter died.

I put my name back on the foster care list, so we’ll see. It takes months and months to get called for a placement, and I’m narrowing my age range even more, to under 1 year. So I put it in fate’s hands, as irresponsible and unfair as fate may be.


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