oh pregnant woman, go jump off a bridge

My patient has a pregnant granddaughter who came to visit him. She was almost at her due date and having contractions. She was so excited and happy. OH, and seeing a family medicine doctor. Yeah cause that’s how noneventful her happy little pregnancy has been.

I was so ready to push her off a cliff.

As I was muttering bitter sentiments to myself in the break room, I told a float nurse I was sorry for sounding like I’m a total bitch, but I just lost a baby and that’s why I was upset. She looked at me and said, “I had three late losses in a row… then I gave up. I had one daughter already so I just stopped trying for more after those.” I couldn’t believe she’d gone through this three times. She told me not to give up. I was glad she shared with me. Welcome to this miserable godforsaken club.


Categories: baby loss

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