lovely co-workers

I have heard some awful stories on other blogs, and on glow, of fellow babylost moms returning to a very insensitive, inconsiderate work environment. Many co-workers say idiotic, insensitive things (well-meant or not), or don’t acknowledge the huge loss at all (sometimes even worse). I’m not one of these moms… my co-workers rooted for me, left me tons of facebook messages of support, and validated my loss with supportive words, hugs, and condolences as soon as I was back. I felt comfortable discussing some of what I went through with them, even.

I received two large sympathy cards right after I lost her, but today I received a gift that was truly from the heart. My co-workers all chipped in to buy me this memorial stone for the garden, and a tree ornament:


“They who we love and lose are no longer where they were before… They are now forever in our hearts.” Avalon, December 13, 2012


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  1. Amazing. I dread going back to work. My co-workers were amazing through all this (the whole company took up a collection to help with funeral costs), but I dread the “helpful” words that are to come.

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