going away

I’m going to start picking up at least one over-time day a week, is my decision. This will pay for Avalon’s garden… and then it’s going into a “trip” fund. I need to go away this year. Assuming I don’t get pregnant or have a foster child with me. I tend to just assume that. If I get pregnant, I’m not going anywhere. I probably won’t even lift a finger more than necessary, I’ll be terrified. Then this trip will be postponed. But then I’m going somewhere.

Where to? A monastery perched precariously on the side of a windswept mountain? A cozy inn a few miles away from an ice-encrusted sea? Back to my beautiful Cappadoccia, to go four-wheeling between fairy chimneys and air-ballooning, with a return to the terraces of Istanbul and it’s nighttime panorama of mosque turrets? Hmmm….


Categories: baby loss

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