so here we are

Wow. So baby Jo Jo is all swaddled up and happily sleeping in the swing. Moose never tolerated a swaddle, so it’s super cute to see her in it! She looks like a little mini (pink) burrito. I got the nursery organized and set up, made a run to the store for diapers (she’s wearing a preemie diaper at the moment!), formula, and whatnot, and now I’m just sitting here with my mind totally spinning.

The biggest difference in the past four hours I’ve been a foster mom for the second time, is that my mom is here to co-parent with me. It was easy to split tasks, have an extra pair of hands, run to the store, etc! Huge difference.. also Jo Jo is not hooked up to tons of machines nor does she require tape all over her face, so that’s a big plus, too.

My cats are going crazy. Talk about insecure!


Categories: foster care

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