doing “me” things

My last piano lesson of the “semester” was yesterday. I improved drastically from January til now, and it makes me really happy. I played Mendelssohn’s Rondo Capriccioso (well, I got the introduction part down pretty well, memorized all but the last two pages, and have a LOT more work to do on it) and actually got Bartok’s Ostinato from Mikrokosmos No. 146 into performance order. I’m amazed at how much I learned from my instructor. She is so full of talent it amazes me. I plan to take lessons again in the “fall semester”.

Getting Jo Jo in the middle of it all definitely made practicing a struggle. Most of the time I was so tired it was just hard to practice after Jo Jo went to sleep. My very nature as a procrastinator made it even more difficult to practice regularly. I’m hoping that with the summer going by, and a nice vacation in September to California, I’ll know more about what is happening with Jo Jo’s case, and have a routine down so that I can have a more regular practice schedule.

Of course, more than anything, I hope that I HAVE Jo Jo still, so Universe, please don’t make it TOO EASY for me to practice!

Other “me” things (non-baby things) I do: Listen to audiobooks during all of the driving I do. I rarely have reading time right now, but this catches me up. Unfortunately, it’s expensive, so I don’t know what I’m going to do about that. I water and weed my garden on a semi-daily basis, and in the spring plant flowers in my window boxes and around my cottage. And I read blogs! Lots and lots of blogs. I also try to visit and keep up with my family and friends as much as possible, because it keeps me from turning into a hermit.

My biggest “me thing” is traveling. I can’t WAIT to go to Mackinac Island in August and then the big California Coast adventure after that. I am even looking forward to traveling with a baby!

What are your “me” things?

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  1. Have you checked the library near you? I used to get books on cd from the library all the time when I had a long commute.

  2. Blog reading & writing are #1 on my “me” things. Also reading and having a glass of wine after Evelyn goes to bed at night, if I’m in the mood for a drink. More often than not I’m just exhausted and fight sleep. I also watch movies on Netflix if/when time allows!

  3. Reading books, blogging, reading blogs, hiking, watching movies with my husband. Hiking always involves the kids, but it’s something I do for me – it’s a great way to work some science into our homeschool. I sneak my reading in during nap time, or a few minutes before I pass out at night. Blogging I’ve been horrible about lately, but I love it and it’s therapy for me. Reading blogs I squeeze in between lessons and when waiting on the kids to finish things up. That’s pretty therapeutic for me too!

    I never fail to be amazed – and pleased – that you have time to share her. I have to assume you’re a naturally organized lady!

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