mommy guilt strikes again

I hate the fact that I miss a WHOLE day of Jo Jo’s life while I’m at work. 5am until 8:30pm I am gone, three times a week. It feels awful. I don’t want to leave her for even a few minutes on days I don’t work. She’s fine, she’s absolutely fine, but I miss her. And I know that the future is just a roll of the dice, I know that these days are sweet and could be ripped away at any time, so I am starting to despise the hours I have to work. (But I don’t want to work 8 hour shifts, because that is five days instead of three.) The truth is I just love being with her. I really do. I look forward to the end of the work day because I’ll get to rock her to sleep and put her to bed. I look forward to my days off because I get to spend them with my little love.


Categories: foster care, parenting

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