song for my baby

The more I hear the song “Cross That Line” by Joshua Radin, the less I think of it as a romantic love song, and the more I think of my own sweet baby.

All along
I thought something would go wrong
Didn’t you?
Walls were up
We never pushed our luck, like we wanted to

Coincidentally, I first heard the song during an episode of “The Fosters”, a show about foster care. I think every parent who has adopted, fostered, had a rainbow baby, or struggled to be a parent somehow and then becomes one, can relate to this:

The sun is down
I thought you’d be gone by now
Didn’t you?

To my little girl, I don’t know how I had the strength to open my heart to a child after losing Avalon, but something told me it was right. These words are for you:

For you I’d break these walls
I’d choose to fall
I’m going to cross that line for you


Categories: baby loss, foster care

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  1. Oh my gosh. This post/ that song, had/ has me bawling. I can’t wipe the tears away fast enough.

    I hope Jo Jo is your forever baby. I have had my heart broken more than any human should be able to withstand, and I can honestly say now, it was all worth it.

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