some updates

1) I saw Moose’s grandma at the grocery store the other day. She gave me a big hug and some tidbits about Moose and his personality. She continues to watch him a lot and be such a great force in his life. I can see that he’s a happy healthy boy on his mom’s facebook, but it’s great to hear about him, too!

2) I went to WIC to find out why Jo Jo’s benefits didn’t renew. I forgot to do the little education module online. *roll eyes* Didn’t turn my homework in, bad foster mom!

3) I got permission from the judge to take Jo Jo to California. Highway 1 here we come! Then I got greedy and asked the case worker how often I could request to take her on vacation, and she told me there’s no limit since we don’t have any parental visits. I am going to miss the next court date though. Maybe this means something will actually happen?

4) I fixed Jo Jo’s name at the doctor’s, so that medicaid can be billed. Now we have a new problem. She was listed as a “male” originally, even though both her first and middle name are obviously girl names. Now we wait for the county monitor to change that, too. Geez.


Categories: foster care

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