I’m not going to be posting details about my foster children, their cases, or even faceless photos. I think it’s important, with the case I’m involved with now, to follow all of the rules 110%. I’ll continue to post about foster care and parenting in general, as well as my journeys as a baby loss mom. I’ll also keep posting about anxiety, mindfulness, and consciousness, as I find it a very helpful tool in the maintenance of my emotional and spiritual health.

In general, I am very happy as a foster mom and continue to hope to become just a “regular” mom someday soon, with the rights and privileges of posting cute pictures and detailed summaries of her personality and experiences. For now, these particular things will not be available in a public space, unfortunately. I love my baby, and I love my life. I’ve worked hard as a single mom to create an environment of peace and stability, for myself and my loved ones, but of course there is always work to do and I continue to rely on my inner voice as well as my common sense to do so. And as always, I make my children my number one priority. I would do anything for any child I’m lucky enough to call “mine”, either temporarily or for life.

Being a blogger has been such a great outlet for me, and I hate withholding anything from readers who truly value and take something positive away from my experiences. I know that the other foster care blogs I read have provided me with such a sense of community and camaraderie over the last year. Who can believe I’ve been a mom, in one way or another, for a whole year now? I truly feel that you have all been a part of my life and experience as a foster mom. I’ve seen many of you do what I am doing as a result of wanting to protect your children, that is to say, withholding information in public until the complete and final resolution of your cases. I now know exactly where you’re coming from.

As a baby loss mom, the community I found online was absolutely invaluable. Because of all of you, I feel that I am not alone in any of my thoughts and feelings during and after the tragedy of losing my daughter. Even with my foster child, my rainbow baby, I was able to draw upon your collective experiences with parenthood following loss, and I know that I was so much better for it.

I wish peace and happiness to all of my readers, and thank you for traveling this journey with me.



  1. Oh goodness. I hope this post is from a “things are going my way and I don’t want anything to change that” mindset. And not a “I got in trouble and could risk losing JoJo” mindset.

    Please update us as soon as you can.

  2. I hope you didn’t get in trouble either! I try to PW protect the important foster care posts but I worry constantly that I’m putting too much out there. You’re in my thoughts and please update when you can!

  3. Oh my goodness. Reading this gave me a chill. I hope everything is OK and this is just a precautionary measure with a positive outcome. I’m very sad to think there will be no foster updates as I’m sure you are sad not to post them for the time being.

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