it’s a NO to the infantino

I wore Jo Jo in the infantino at the grocery store, and lasted all of 10 minutes before I thought to myself, no way, this is too uncomfortable. Luckily, she rides like a big girl in the cart now, but I’m left to seek out another carrier, one that will work for long periods of time in California. I may default to my Moby wrap, because even at this age it is just so darn comfortable. The problem is that the wrap all around me is hot.

So many people I know have an Ergo, so that will be the one I try next.


Categories: parenting


  1. Another Ergo supporter here. I gave mine away to a friend when I moved (my son was 2 1/2)…but I have a friend here who goes hiking with her 3 1/2 year old (I believe it’s rated up to 45lbs), and still puts him in the Ergo! In my opinion, it’s totally worth the $$$.

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