the nostalgia of motherhood

I am battling insomnia tonight, so having finished the audio book version of “The Fault In Our Stars”, I decided to do some baby clothes sorting and updating. I thought I was running a little low on 6 month size clothes… boy was I wrong! In my garage I found a huge box of hand-me-downs from my niece, sizes 6-9 months.

The girl now has way too many clothes to wear in the next 3 months. We could dress her in two outfits per day until she’s 9 months old and she would still not wear every outfit. Also, every single outfit, vest, onesie, and pajama is super adorable, because I only picked out the stuff I really liked from my sister’s boxes.

The hard part is putting away the 3 and 3-6 month stuff. I saved out her cupcake pajamas. I just can’t put them with all the other things. I’m going to go back into the newborn-3 months bin and get out the first outfit I bought her, and some other clothes that she wore a lot. I also need to go through all my boy baby clothes, and save out Moose’s froggie pajamas, because they will always remind me of him.

I was going to do a photo shoot for her 6 month pictures today but didn’t, due to my raging sore throat and general sicky-ness. I want to do the pink tutu, with string of pearls or some other chunky necklace and pink bow. Then the suit with suspenders shots. I am going to do an indoor shot with her baby scrubs and a stethoscope, as well. This may take several days worth of photo shoots… as she is just a baby and not going to be in a wonderful mood for all of these at once.


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