ain’t I a mother?

For the 2nd year in a row, I approach mother’s day with plenty of mothering under my belt, and yet no legal claim to motherhood. Just like last year, I have been a mother three times: foster mother to Moose, pregnant mother and then babyloss mother to Avalon, and foster and then adoptive mother-to-be of Jo Jo. While my heart has been full of mothering, and my life taken over by motherhood, for nearly two nears, as far as my government is concerned, I am not quite a mother still.

Foster moms, waiting-to-adopt moms, birth and bio moms, family members who have taken on roles as moms, babyloss moms, grieving moms, women who desperately want to become moms soon, stepmoms, estranged moms, and daughters who have lost moms: To all moms of every kind, but especially to moms who don’t fit the standard motherhood mold, I will be thinking of and appreciating you on mother’s day.


Categories: baby loss, foster care

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