the face you’ve all been missing!

Ask and you shall receive! Below you will find a recap of the serious cuteness that I couldn’t show you over the past year and a half. Basically, I had the cutest baby EVER in the history of the world, but had to keep it all to myself!

Newborn Photo Shoot

Little baby- age 5 weeks to 5 months


Getting big and mobile: age 6 months to 11 months


Turning one!

Fun after turning one


Categories: adoption


  1. Wow! What a happy, happy, baby. Big smile in each photo since she was a wee one. I loved seeing this and you know I cried like a baby. I know what you’ve gone through to get to this point. Congratulations! I am asking, but have not yet received. Maybe my bio daughter (who just turned 10) will be my only child. Guess it is not in my hands. You have given me a lot of hope and I’m still praying. Very happy for you and your forever daughter!!! Way to go!

  2. She is so precious! Stunningly beautiful, and she seems like a happy baby – all smiles in all of those pictures. Congratulations on the adoption!

  3. SO cute! Thank you so much for sharing- it feels like we were there for all of this, and I feel like I already KNEW her face! Her smile is amazing!

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