keeping my license

I’m trying to find out why they want my license back (especially just a piece of paper) rather than just taking me off the open homes list for calling purposes, and if I can keep my license open just in case Moose or one of M’s siblings who live in the county come into care.

None of these scenarios are likely, but still. I was told by the auditor earlier this year that my enclosed porch, which is now a room in the house, was ok to use as a bedroom. She is The Word in this state, so I don’t see why I can’t keep my license. It doesn’t even expire for a while.


The supervisor contacted me saying that she only thought it was my wish to be unlicensed following the adoption, but that I can continue to keep up my license for as long as I wish, using the porch as a bedroom for potential placements, with the understanding that I do not wish to be called unless it’s Moose or one of M’s siblings.

I thought I was done with rearranging my house for licensing purposes, but I guess I’m not!


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