adoption to-do list

For tomorrow:

  • Make copies of birth certificate, adoption decree, and supporting documents (Order placing child after consent)
  • Find copy of social security number I wrote down during tax season
  • Apply for college savings plan
  • Get passport photos taken
  • Apply for US Passport
  • Go to social security office, apply for new copy of SS card

Also, non-adoption related:

  • 18-month well-child appointment
  • Complete ages and stages questionnaire
  • Complete school physical form (turn in Monday)

Categories: adoption, parenting

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  1. One thing you can do towards saving money for college is set up a upromise account…you get a percentage back for lots of online purchases and can get a upromise credit card so you get more cash back. Other family and friends can set up a upromise account and direct funds to your daughter. You can put the money in a 529 plan. (I can’t do that directly, I have to request a check from upromise which I deposit in my checking account, then put that amount of money in the 529 account).

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