finally home

I returned from Germany on Wednesday night, but I had to work Thursday through Sunday to make up for my 9-day break. (I took NO vacation time, just bunched up my days.) So after four days of working, I have to pull off the blinders to the state of my house and get to work. It looks like a natural disaster occurred in here, the window box flowers are all dead, and the yard is a jungle of weeds. It’s just… a mess. A giant, colossal mess. Luckily, M has school today, so I have until 4pm to get stuff done.

Speaking of M, she had a terrible night last night. She woke up many times, crying for no reason, unable to sleep. She slept great during and after our trip, until now. Also, some mosquitos had gotten inside and they ate us alive.

So, it’s my first day home, and I have my work cut off for me.


Categories: life in general, parenting


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