Mexico, and Nepal

So! As always, after I travel I want to travel more. Unfortunately, I’m flat broke and have some bills to pay, so I cancelled all my other summer travel plans. I’m still planning on one week in Mexico (hopefully I’ll have a group of people) in February, and then… yes, I have to go back to my beloved Nepal, and I want to do that in a year and a half, for the their holiday season!

Tikaa day for Dashain (the largest Nepali holiday) is October 11th and Tihar (next largest holiday, with lots of lights that look like Christmas lights) is October 28-November 2nd. I’m not sure I can get more than three weeks off, so I may aim for Oct 13th (arriving the 15th) through the 2nd (arriving home the 3rd).

I know M will love the colors and festivities of Dashain and Tihar, and honestly I just miss my Nepali family so much. My niece will be 9 this year! How did that happen??? I dream of seeing her playing with M, of hearing Nepali everywhere, and eating daal bhaat with my fingers.

For sure, I will be planning some longer layovers to avoid what happened on the last trip… and there are some pretty fantastic airports for kids (like Singapore) to head for!

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  1. I wish I could see Nepal! I looked at flight costs just to get myself there and back and it was so expensive. I had a family friend there doing work for years and could have helped me find a teaching position or something. My priority when I can afford tickets to Asia will be Korea. Such a beautiful place.

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