no carbs and I’m finally not hungry

A miracle has happened. Well, a couple miracles. The first is that I’m on day three of no carbs and no cheating. I resisted a box of gourmet donuts at work, even though they sat in front of me all day! But the really amazing things is how not hungry I’ve been feeling. On a daily basis, at one point or another, I feel ravenous, like I have to eat or I’ll lose my mind. And I haven’t felt that way even once, even in the evening (my hunger time). I have felt a little hungry, ate something, and actually felt satiated and fine with not eating more. Normally I still really want more! All because I stopped eating pasta, bread, rice, and cereal/crackers/etc.

I never would’ve believed that I could feel this much better, this fast. I figured I would go a few weeks of feeling totally starved before craving the carbs a little less. It’s possible that there are other reasons, but I can’t think of any. I’ve been at work, which is when I usually eat the worst food and feel the hungriest. I’ve easily come in under 1300 calories a day on myfitnesspal, which was so surprising to me. Usually I’m cutting corners or coming in way over the goal, and still feeling hungry.

I don’t have a scale at home. If I can keep this up, I’ll weigh myself at work in two weeks. It’s not so much about the number, though, I just want some waist line shrinkage (and thigh and double chin and arm, while we’re at it).


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  1. I love being low carb!! I started 2 weeks ago and I was down 9lbs, which is great. But then life happened this weekend and now I’m afraid to go near the scale 😦 back on the wagon tomorrow!!

  2. I accidentally went without carbs and refined sugar today and by dinner my brain needed a foghorn just to find land, it was just gone! Good job!! I wish I had the ability to get through the withdrawals! I can’t wait to hear about the results.

  3. I meant to mention in my first comment.. Check out the blog I Breathe I’m Hungry, the author has a ton of awesome low carb/paleo/whole 30 recipes and menu plans. I know I tend to run out of low carb food ideas and then slip into carbs again. Most of these recipes are ones my carb eating family would love too!

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