one more autumn

First of all, I’ve had a lot of people asking me where we’re going first when we start traveling in January. The answer is, I don’t know! Here’s why: Preparing to be a Travel Nurse.

But this post is about how much we’ve been enjoying the warm and sunny start to Autumn here in the midwest. Funny, when you know you’re leaving home soon, you really start to enjoy being there. I’ve been taking in the beautiful weather, the perfection of the Michigan wind in the trees, and the happiness of being in the place that is truly “home”. Knowing we’re leaving for traveling in a few months is the reason I can settle down and truly enjoy where I am right now.

Also, this is my very favorite season! Down the road is a fantastic old-school Midwest apple orchard and cider mill. We spent the day there last weekend with my sister and nice and had the most amazing time! Caramel apples, cider, donuts, pumpkin patches, hot dog roasts, and wagon rides…

The next day we enjoyed the chrystal clear blue sky and perfect temperatures with a long walk around our lake and a play in the park. We met up with neighbors and made new friends with visitors at the park. I felt very lucky to have this amazing place to come home to no matter where our travels take us!



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