I’m moving and I’m unprepared

I feel totally unprepared to be moving to San Francisco in three weeks. I don’t even know what I’m going to do about health insurance yet! And packing? I’m sort of frozen. Should I be doing something else? We’re just going to pack and drive and show up. I have all the hotel rooms booked for the cross-country drive. I supposed I should make some sort of packing list… I have no idea if everything will fit in the car but some foggy image in my mind of. like, strapping suitcases to the roof with bungee cords.

I’d feel better if I had a contract scheduled for April. Of course I just got the January contract so why would I have an April contract yet? I wouldn’t. I just wish I knew where I’d be working already. I guess it’s a little pre-life change jitters going on.

One thing for sure is that I’m bored as fuck at home. I’ve been getting headaches a lot, and staring around my cluttered and messy house with that sinking awful feeling again. That feeling where you  just have nothing to look forward to all day. It’s grey and cold and awful here, and there is literally nothing to do. If I wasn’t leaving I think I’d lose my damn mind!


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